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The pretty cupcakes with royal edible crowns on them caught my attention on my way back home. Alongside, were the delicate pastries that melted hearts. The freshly baked bread was lined up for packaging and I wanted some for home. The display outside the bakery had my eyes glued to the store front.

“It’s getting late, we should move” I heard Joe softly whisper behind my ears.

I smiled with a nod as I walked with him towards the car.

Even though the royal cupcakes had my attention and the pastries were tempting, I decided to refrain from buying them. I was going to make this day special. I was going to bake a cake today.

It has been a year since I last baked. It was the day when I lost my dearest canine buddy, Fudge. He was always around in the apartment, during my best and worst moments. Ten years of togetherness with the friendliest boy, Fudge was a lifetime of happiness and bonding for me. He used to love the sight of me baking and I could feel his vibes and see his happy wags.

I used to speak with him about my dreams of owning a bakery; of selling bone shaped cakes for dog lovers. He used to snuggle and wag his tail whenever I included the “cakes for him”.

We would listen to music; he would play around me and I would bake a cake. Fudge was my baking partner, my buddy and my friend.

Joe and I have been together for a little over two years now. He knows my love for Fudge. My love for baking declined soon after he passed away. Joe wanted us to get another pug. But that wasn’t Fudge.

Today is Fudge’s birthday and Joe asked me to bake a cake. For old times’ sake.

Baking isn’t easy for me now. It has all my emotions from the past, when it all started from my mum’s kitchen.

I remember waking up to freshly baked delicious bread as a kid. My mum was the best host in my town. My friends and I often had cakes and tea in our back garden. We spoke about everything under the sun. And one day we all spoke about our aspirations. I knew it in my heart that I would be a baker.

I just knew it then. You know how you feel, when people talk of love, of fluttering butterflies, well, my heart races exactly the same way when It came to baking. The rush to create an absolutely beautiful and delicious treat with those plain ingredients is my superpower.

I loved visiting my aunt whose family owned a flour mill in the countryside. She always encouraged me to open a bakery of my own.

Every summer, when we visited aunt Mary, she would take me to the mill. I remember, as a kid, collecting flour in small buckets and heading back home. We used to sing and bake. Aunt Mary always wanted me to become a baker.

A few years later, I graduated with a degree in journalism. I was good at it and happy too. After 10 years now in the media industry, my heart longs to go back to the oven, to the creamy batter, to the flavours of chocolate and vanilla and the soft sugar decorations.

“Where are you lost, Bru?” Joe asked as he handed me the photo album. It had pictures of Fudge, running wild in the park. His laugh was very infectious. It also had pictures of aunt Mary. She had given me her pink apron as a good luck charm. I used to believe that my cakes would turn out well only if I wore the pink apron. I smiled as I took the apron out of the wardrobe today.

Another picture caught my attention. It was from my 22nd birthday and mum had baked my favourite chocolate cake, layered and decorated. She has the warmest smile. Cakes have always been a part of my life. In happiness and in sadness, cakes were always there for me.

I remember baking my first cake when my teacher in school told my mum that I was brilliant. I was happy. I baked.

Then, at high school, I found that my first boyfriend had kissed another girl. I ran back home. I cried. I baked.

I met Joe on a train that busy Monday morning. We connected instantly. I thought about that morning all day and went home. I blushed. I baked.

Then the loss of my dearest Fudge took my happiness associated with cakes and cookies away. I stopped baking. I started ordering baked products online. I had to cope up with my changing emotions and while I did not bake, I still needed them. Joe and I discovered online shopping for freshly baked goods and had them delivered home regularly from my favourite local bakery. They did nationwide delivery as well and I ordered a cake for aunt Mary. She absolutely loved it!

Now, after all these times I think I have grown wiser. Baking reminds me of Fudge and I cherish the good memories. I don’t relate it to his loss anymore. He remains with me in my memories. I will bake today.

“I knew you would bake today,” Joe said. He was holding the tray of baking ingredients as I wore my favourite pink apron. I adjusted Fudge’s picture on the fridge. He inspires me to bake.

Perhaps, my dreams of setting up “Fudge’s Bakery” is not too far away after all.

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