British Pie Week 2023: Bake for your loved ones!

British Pie Week 🥧

It’s British Pie Week and BBC Good Food have analysed which pies have been the most popular in Britain over the last 12 months! It’s not surprising that crowd-pleasing favourites like cottage pie and shepherd’s pie topped the list, and the fact you can batch cook them and freeze them makes them all the more appealing for busy families.

In fact, they produced a list of Most popular BBC Good Food Pie recipes for 2023 as follows:

1. Cottage Pie

2. Shepard’s Pie

3. Fish Pie

4. Mince Pies

5. Lemon meringue pie

6. Chicken Pie

7. Apple Pie

8. Steak Pie

9. Chicken & Mushroom Pie

10. Pumpkin Pie

With millions of people searching for pie recipes online every year, it’s no secret that Britain is a nation of pie lovers. Versatile and comforting, the Brits have been eating and baking them for thousands of years, and according to the British Pie Awards, £1 billion-worth of pies are consumed in the UK every year!

Today conveniently marks the wonderful occasion to celebrate women. Millions of women across the globe celebrate one another and exchange gifts to remind each other of that community and strength.

At Bakers Market we believe in unity and community and so this week is the perfect occasion to bake our loved one’s their favourite pie recipe. For people who would like to keep it more traditional and in theme but still edible, you can find edible flower gifts on our site, but a hearty pie whether savoury or sweet may also hit the spot too.

We’ll leave the decision making up to you!

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