Doughnuts have been so universal, so diversely distributed across the world that they hold a place of nostalgia and childhood recollection for every sweet tooth-er. The very unique visual feature of Doughnuts, a torus ring, gives it a special cognizance and identity among all baked goods there are. Convincingly believed by most food historians, Doughnuts are thought to be a Dutch invention. With their settling at the Hudson River valley in the 17th century, the recipe of fried dough balls, also known as olykoeks (oily cakes) was introduced to the American soil. A specific source from a 1667 cookbook from the Netherlands suggested that the fried dough balls were seasoned with sweetmeats, a mixture of raisins, almonds, cinnamon or apple slices for its distinctive flavour. Doughnuts, however widely recognised for their holey shape, have all sorts of funny stories to explain it. The most amusing and comical one would be the tale of a Dutch sailor, Captain Hanson Gregory. It is believed he shot a hole into the fried ball made by his mum and gave it the shape that we know doughnuts to have. The more believable version of the story believes that doughnuts, given its deep fried nature and bulky mass from within, were often left undercooked in its centre. The inserted hole did away with the problem of raw egg yolks sticking inside your mouth when consumed.

Given below is a guide for you to know your doughnuts and help you make your doughnut delivery right after.

  • Mochi doughnuts – A South East Asian, more specifically a Japanese rice cake made of glutinous rice, water, sugar and cornstarch is used as a core ingredient for these doughnuts. Popularised first in Japan by Mister Donut, the donuts are known for its bubble ring shape. The uniqueness of these doughnuts lie in their soft rice cake crust of Mochi paired with the deep fried crust trademark of a doughnut.
  • Glazed doughnuts – When you are left dazed and confused about which doughnut to pick from your donut shop, pick the Glazed one (sincere apologies for the bad rhyme). A signature style doughnut with its trademark fluffiness, airiness and shiny texture, these can be made and ordered with loads of variations to respond to your taste and mood. Funfetti, vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon flavoured, glazed doughnuts spoil you with a plethora of choices without leaving you confused.
  • Air fryer doughnut – These doughnuts are relatively less fried than regular doughnuts making them a lighter and a less guiltier option to go by. They are an excellent choice for breakfast to go along with your coffee on your way to work. It is light, digestible and filling to start your day on a sweet note, literally.


  • Vegan doughnuts – You will never be excluded from consuming any sort of bakery item if your choice is that of a vegan. Vegan donuts are donuts that are opted even by non-vegans for its unique taste and flavour so you can have your pick without feeling left out.


  • Mini doughnuts – Mini Donuts are the best donuts for the purpose of a picnic or a daytime date with your friends and family. It is also a good pick to have to retain a healthy cheat of the week and also to fulfil your sweet tooth appetite for the day. Homemade donuts can be customised into mini shapes with just the help of the right size of baking utensils.


  • Keto doughnuts – An excellent choice for a low-carb option for doughnuts, keto donuts eliminate frying exclusively. The non-frying cuts down on the oily element making these doughnuts yet another suitable option for people who are conscious of their calorie count. Keto doughnuts are mostly baked doughnuts making them a go-to option if you are in the mood of a doughnut and also something that resembles a cake.

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