How to gift your loved ones with a Christmas cake

With the holiday season approaching fast, the festive spirit is taking over and guiding us towards christmas shops, online stores and blogs for inspiration when it comes to gifts. Buying a gift for your family and friends might seem like an easy task, however, we know it really isn’t! Everyone likes different things (especially the little ones), and we all want to go that extra mile in gifting them something with meaning that will touch their hearts and make them remember our loving gesture. With that in mind, we might just have the perfect Christmas gift ideas that you could delight your loved ones with, and not only their souls, but their taste buds too! In this article, we’ve put together two easy ways in which you can gift your loved ones with a Christmas cake this holiday.

Just think about it, how would you feel if on one frosty morning you would receive a big and beautifully packaged and delicious Christmas cake straight at your front door from a dear friend? We are sure that this would win over everyone, from kids to grandparents, no matter their preferences – all you need to know is their favourite flavours, and you are all set. So buckle up, grab your favourite tea, and let’s go on a sugary journey so you can start gifting Christmas cakes like a pro this year!

Home Baking

Making your own baked goods to give as Christmas gifts is an excellent idea, and there are many recipes and ideas that you can explore before you get going. From the top of our head, a cute baked Christmas gift that will warm everyone’s heart are iced biscuits.

Christmas iced biscuits

Not only are they a really good place to start your baking journey, but they are very enjoyable to make, and they can be tailored to suit all preferences and taste buds.

Christmas iced biscuits

You just have to follow the basics and add some extra ingredients for personalisation. Like a few drops of tangerine essential oils for your auntie, some chocolate chips for the kids, a hint of bourbon for your uncle, and a spoon of sweet cinnamon powder for your spouse, and you’re in for the win!

Mini Christmas cakes

Christmas cake has a special place in everyone’s hearts around Britain, as it is the favourite type of fruit cake. The reason is that ever since dried fruit first arrived in Britain in the 13th century, people have been baking all sorts of recipes like bread, cakes, pies, muffins, and everything in between with it.

Mini Christmas cakes

Making mini Christmas cakes for gifts this holiday season is one of the best idea we could suggest if you really want to impress your friends and family. We all have heard about that old trick that if you boil some of the ingredients whilst making the cake, it will result in having a really moist baked gift. This will save you time as you won’t need to pre-soak the fruits, and it will give a lighter touch to the cake overall. However, if you want to go for the traditional recipe, good ideas for soaking the cake in are sherry, apple juice, rum, and even coffee for a nice kick. But we say you should just get creative in your kitchen and add whatever you feel guided to (your favourite tea, whisky, fruit syrups, or brandy, you name it).


The last step is cutting the cake in different miniature shapes and sizes, wrapping them in some nice Christmas wrapping paper, adding a personal note for a loving touch, and voila! You will definitely make the kids happy as they prefer one-bites only when it comes to their favourite desserts.

Christmas cupcakes

They are a bit different than a regular Christmas cake, but they are known to be one of the best Christmas gifts to bake at home. The biggest benefit is that they are much more convenient in terms of baking and preparing as they are small.

Christmas cup cakes

Cupcakes give you the opportunity to taste multiple flavours all at once! You can never go wrong with them, and if you really put your heart into baking and decorating them, you will get people talking about your delicious flavour choices and your culinary skills! Our favourite cupcake flavours to spice up this Christmas season are chocolate and peppermint (a classic choice), spiced vanilla and raspberry, hot white chocolate, eggnog and gingerbread. Grab some butter, sugar, eggs, flour, milk and your favourite flavours, and get baking!


Trust us, baking these little sweet treats will win your family’s heart in no time, and there are plenty of Christmas cupcakes to add to your holiday list this year.



We know we’ve only touched the basics, however, if you want to impress this holiday with your Christmas baking gifts, go wild and browse through some creative Christmas baking recipes and let the fun begin!

How to wrap a Christmas cake

The key to making successful Christmas cake designs that will survive delivery is their packaging. What does that mean? A lot of colourful wrapping paper, ribbons, cellophane, tags, little cards, baubles and small baskets. You can even make cake gift boxes for either a whole cake or for your mini Christmas cakes and iced biscuits.


Wrapping your homemade baked goods for gifts in a nice way is not an easy job! It’s all about the presentation, so make sure you don’t skip this step if you want to get the results you’ve worked so hard for. And this takes us to the second part of our article, which is all about ordering and delivering your Christmas cake online, and how you can do that too.

Order A Christmas Cake

With the power of technology and the internet connecting us in such a convenient way, why not simply order your Christmas cake and get it delivered wherever you want? Easy peasy.


However, we know that when it comes to ordering cakes and baked goods online, it can be quite tricky, as they can easily get damaged during delivery. The last thing we want is for your Christmas cake to arrive at your friend’s doorstep upside down! So, the first step is to choose a trust-worthy bakery and start browsing.


There is no better time than Christmas to discover the finest bakes offered by passionate bakers to treat yourself and your family with something special. Finding a thoughtful yet affordable baked gift online can be quite an adventure, but once you’ve found your perfect cake, after just a few clicks, you can get your treat delivered straight to your home. 


At Bakers Market we can help you look at Christmas baking products in a whole new way, thanks to our dedicated bakers in spoiling their customers with their best baked goods. To make things even easier for you, your adventure can start from simply putting down your location so you can start to shop online for your favourite freshly baked products. However, we do deliver nationwide as well for some of our delicious baked goods, so our best advice would be to have a look for yourself!


Interesting fact: we knew that people were on the lookout for an exclusive marketplace for Britain’s lovers of freshly baked goods, so we’ve made it come true for people like you, dear reader. Your love of cakes and heart-warming treats inspired us to become the UK’s first online bakery marketplace, to offer the finest bakery products from all over the country. And with Christmas coming, we have a lot of baked Christmas Editions from well-known bakeries such as PAUL, Fatherson Bakery, Yorkshire Baking Company, Hills Bakery and many more that are ready to bring in the festive spirit. Check out some of our small independent creators of fantastic baked gifts such as Velveteen Rabbit Confections and Yum Yum Sushi Desserts


And for even greater peace of mind, the bakeries handle everything from start to finish. That includes the wrapping up process and delivery straight to your desired location. What to expect when ordering from via Bakers Market? Fresh products and a lot of inspiration to give small yet affordable baked goods as Christmas gifts for everyone you love this Christmas, such as handmade cakes, pies, and many other perfectly baked goodies.


Who said sending and receiving the perfect Christmas gift is complicated? At Bakers Market you have it all – easy discovery and an impeccable purchase experience. Oh, and we almost forgot about the most important thing… special moments of sharing fine quality baked products in festive spirit with the people you love the most!

Alice Lidell 

Editorial Team

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