Jamaican Patty – The Spicy Caribbean Meat Patty

Jamaican Patty - The Spicy Caribbean Meat Patty

A Cornish derived Pasty stuffed with meat and vegetables, Jamaican Patty has a rich and colonial history. The Jamaican Pattie however was a departure from the Cornish Pasty due to its indigenous mix, one with a unique blend of native spices. A popular Jamaican ingredient called the scotch bonnet pepper has been largely attributed to this indigenous blend and spiciness in the patty. The patty is also particularly identified by its very unique colour given by turmeric, an Eastern spice that was again made part of the recipe through mass migration, trade and colonial history of the island. In contemporary times, Jamaican patties are a dominant street food in Jamaica and its neighbouring Caribbean islands, however not with a strictly definitive recipe that is followed. They come in almost the same shape and the distinctive colour but with different fillings. While beef is the most classic filling used for Jamaican patties, they also come in cheese, lamb, chicken, pork, seafood, vegetables etc.

Jamaican patties are an easy snack when you are vacationing or could be a filling meal depending on the filling you opted for. For today’s blog, we bring to you a handpicked list of Jamaican patties that you must know of before you snack them away!

  • Callaloo patty – A leafy vegetable like any other, Callaloo provides a unique taste and flavour to this variation of Jamaican pattie. The leafy greens are generously used in places like Guyana and the Caribbean islands giving the patty very distinctively indegenious flavour. The patty has a light flaky crust and can be easily made into a vegan variation with a filling of onions, spinach and other veggies. Vegan butter can be used for dairy free seasoning and frying
  • Jamaican lamb patty – A classic Caribbean snack, much like the Indian samosa or the Latin empanada, the Jamaican lamb patty is generously spiced with the herbs and seasoning. The added spice flavour when marinated with the lamb filling gives a unique meat flavour. The soft, tender meat of the lamb goes well with the flaky but harder crust on the outside making it an ideal snack to crunch on with some wine or beer.
  • Spicy beef patties – Spicy Jamaican beef patties well is the only classic there is. Red meats are generally the go-to for pairing with a hard crust for its exclusive tenderness. The spiciness can be retained and flavoured with the spicy bonnet chilli. Vegetables like onions, spring onions, cabbage go super well with the beef patty so you can always be decisive and choosy about which vegetables you want to be prepared before you order the spicy beef pattie.
  • Frozen Jamaican patties – Anything that is loved, consumed and devoured can be commercialised and served to everyone across the world. Thus, even though you are not vacationing away to the Caribbean, you can almost always have frozen Jamaican patties at your disposal. Although, a little reductive in the fresh and indigenious flavour of a Caribbean street made patty, frozen ones can do just as good to satiate your craving before you actually level up to actually get a vacation. Island delight patties are a good go-to frozen patties for your immediate craving!
  • Ackee patty – A fruit grown in Jamaica, Ackee is a national dish usually prepared with saltfish. The fruit can be generously seasoned with online, garlic and thyme for the rich flavour. Again, like the callaloo patty, Ackee patty can be made into a vegan recipe given the core ingredient is a fruit. A vegan crust can be achieved with vegan butter, a dairy replacement for the pattie dough and a lot of vegetables of your choice. If you do not want a vegan variation you can always order or make a preparation of Ackee with saltfish, classic
  • Curry chicken patty – As an Indian, this one hits close to home. Curry chicken is basically a chicken gravy made with a bunch of Indian spices and can vary in terms of spiciness. The patty then resembling a samosa crust goes most compatible with the soft meat, spice and of course the turmeric (a staple in Indian recipes)! Curry in itself may have loads of variation since we do not have one, definitive curry that we can speak of. So you can go on a blind date with your chicken curry patty because you are going to have something new every time you order this one.
  • Jerk chicken patty – A lot similar to that of a curry chicken patty but less Indian, jerk chicken patty rich in colour and taste. These are pre cooked patties much like frozen patties and all you have to do is microwave them. A ready made snack, this variation can be a staple of your Jamaican patty diet.




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