Marketing strategies for online confectionery
8 Best Marketing Tips for your Online Business
Marketing is the success booster for any business, so you have to plan marketing ideas properly. These marketing strategies may be quite different from other businesses but the motive remains the same – reaching as many people as you can. Here are some unique suggestions for your online business.
1. Connect on Social Media

Your potential and repeat customers in today’s ever growing online network are on social media and your business should be too! That means making sure you have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms that appeal to your target audience. In addition, communicating about new products, deals and offers via social media makes it easier for your target audience to share with others online.

2. Create a Website

Are websites not an evolving and preferred way to get people to know about your confectionery business? It is evidence of crucial information which is used by customers to make their choice. Creating one with pictures, features, descriptions which is also easy to navigate will help engage more customers and enhance the popularity of your business.

3. Loyalty Discounts – Coupons / Vouchers

Introduce the exclusive offers for your frequent and loyal customers, this will not only make them stay loyal but would increase the ratio of loyal customers via their communication allowing for trust to be built between business and consumer. Fliers as well as online promotion can be an option. Depending on what is more effective, one can be pushed more prominently than the other.

4. Listening and Engaging with Customers

Social Media as well as face to face communication is a great place to learn from your customers. Have you ever wondered if your customers like the latest cupcake or sausage roll? Or are they looking for a new flavour of cake? Just listen to the conversations and ask them. This is a great was to capture people’s interest, build online communities and connect further with loyal customers.

5. Motivate Your Customers

When you are promoting your baked goods online or even in store, it is always a good idea to give customers something new. For instance, if your customers are crazy on gluten-free products or vegetarian options, being able to develop a line of gluten-free or vegetarian options are a great way to satisfy the new market sector. When you have something new, your customers will be tempted to taste it.

6. Sponsor Community Events

Having a business that has been running for years can be really useful. Putting money behind a cause that the community cares about can help build relations with your customers. For example, you can sponsor a local event for a care-home or school and hand over fliers in-store or promote it online.

7. Make Things Easy and Simple

Not everyone was brought up with an iPhone in their hand, so requiring certain actions on a web page or in an app won’t necessarily be second nature to them. It is important therefore to make anything online as straightforward and easy as possible and never underestimate the power of word of mouth communication. As long as there is a clear sales process, both business and customers should benefit.

8. Personalise their Experience

When you are able to personalise an experience for someone, it’s remembered for a long time. Being able to create goods that add a personal touch, such as gift wrapping them with a personalized messages or even having someone respond to a message, enquiry or phone call when customers are unsure can elevate someone’s experience and likeliness to purchase again.

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