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If cakes had a childhood, they would be muffins. Derived from an old German word, “muffen”, muffin literally refers to small cakes. Miniature sized, made with almost the same ingredients as a cake, muffins offer you every delight of the latter but in smaller servings. A Welsh descendant from the English, muffins also happen to have flourished in America as well. With the discovery of pearlash, muffins were baked in abundance in the American countries. In my head, muffins were made from the very humane, resourceful need and instinct to use up leftover ingredients needed to bake a regular, larger cake. The English muffins are a tea time snack and have left its trail in the most renowned English rhyme, “muffin man”. Muffins in the American countries refer to baked breads in small tins while “English” Muffins are oven-baked and cooked usually inside a griddle. They often come with nuts, fruits or berries for added taste and may also come in less known variations like cheese and corn. Also available in gluten-free and vegan variations, muffins cater to a very wide demography of cake lovers since they are super easy to customise.

Although quite received, loved and known by all, Bakers Market brings to you a thoughtfully curated selection of muffins that you must be closely familiar with.

  • Blueberry muffin – Blueberries have always been a staple go-to to enhance flavour to sweet and baked goods. They act as a natural sweetener although without the traditional sweetness that processed sugar offers. With its own uniqueness, blueberry in blueberry muffins are one of the most loved muffins there is. Picnic appropriate, celebratory friendly or gift appropriate, blueberry muffins have an added tally for its distinct blue jelly shade. Visual customisations are easiest with blueberry and you can customise them in line with your aesthetics with Bakers Market.
  • Banana muffin – A tasteful yet an excellent source of Vitamin E, iron and other essential minerals, Banana muffins can be a healthy and an exciting start to your day. Added nuts to these muffins add an extra crunch and nutrient to the regular softness of the muffin. Most banana muffins contain are known for their cinnamon addition as flavour. These muffins are available throughout the year so you can have them literally anytime you want.
  • English muffin – English muffins are soft, round and flat yeast-leavened bread. It is served after horizontal slices made through the flat bread. They can be toast for that extra crispy crust. An ideal English muffin can be identified with its nooks and crannies fraught within the bread. These muffins can be spread with a fruity jam for a filling, tasty breakfast. Store up your fridge with English muffins because you will never have enough of them.
  • Chocolate chip muffin – A regular classic of muffins, chocolate chip muffin is laden with chunks of chocolates that do not end up melting inside the batter. Rich, dark chocolate chips with vanilla batter is the most loved version of these muffins; however, chocolate lovers can double the chocolate taste with a cocoa batter. Gift these muffins to your loved ones and add their favourite toppings to show you care!
  • Egg muffins – Egg muffins are regular egg flour cakes made with love but in smaller servings. These can be made from the leftover dough of a bigger cake or be made into something completely unlike cakes. Egg muffins can have feta cheese, tomatoes, bell peppers or any other veggie for taste enhancer. They do not resemble a regular cake muffin because of its distinctively meal full ingredients. They can also be made into low carb variations because of the non necessity of processed sugar. A unique sub variation of egg muffins are egg cups that contain bacon and cheese for taste. A must try, these egg cups have a unique Italian seasoning and veggie mix unlike any baked good out there.
  • Keto muffins – The best thing about keto variations of anything is that if you substitute the staple ingredients with a keto friendly one, you can add absolutely any flavour enhancer you like to make it tasty. Keto muffins can be easily made with almond flour, coconut oil and almond milk for low carb intake and added with any topping or nuts according to your liking, maybe cream cheese on cheat days!
  • Gluten free muffins – Made with almond flour, brown sugar, almond milk and chocolate chunks, gluten free muffins taste almost like any other muffin. Most of the above mentioned muffins can be made into its gluten free variation with a careful selection of gluten free substitutes. Banana flavoured gluten free might just be your go-to flavour in gluten free muffins.
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