If you often find yourself throwing away day-old unused bread and not knowing any other way to use it, a quick bread and butter pudding fix can make your life simpler. Bread and butter pudding comes from humble origins, and it evolved out of necessity to cut down on food wastage. It uses stale breads as its primary ingredient and is teamed with other sweets for tastefulness. Bread pudding as a dish did not used to be a luxury as it is known to be in contemporary times. Many European countries during the 12th and 13th centuries developed something called a “pudding basin” to collect scraps of stale bread to be soaked in hot water before being added with sugar and cornmeal. The final dish, bearing close resemblance to today’s bread pudding, was a sort of staple meal in those days.

In today’s world, bread pudding is made out to be a luxurious baked good with a tasteful addition of spices like sugar, custard mix, cream, beaten eggs, raisins, panettone or brioche. One of the earliest recorded recipes of bread and butter is in the 1727 copy of The Compleat Housewife by Eliza Smith.

She endearingly writes: “Take a two penny loaf, and a pound of fresh butter; spread it in very thin slices, as to eat; cut them off as you spread them, and stone half a pound of raisins, and wash a pound of currants; then put puff-paste at the bottom of a dish, and lay a row of your bread and butter, and strew a handful of currants, a few raisins, and some little bits of butter, and so do till your dish is full; then boil three pints of cream and thicken it when cold with the yolks of ten eggs, a grated nutmeg, a little salt, near half a pound of sugar, and some orange flower-water; pour this in just as the pudding is going into the oven.”

The bread pudding was further developed into something more interesting called the bread and butter pudding with calculated addition of milk, butter and sweetened custard to stale bread. Fruits like banana and apples are the most ideal natural sweeteners of such puddings if you are trying to stay away from crystallised sugar and to consume a healthy bread and butter pudding. Apple bread and butter pudding is a luxe team-up from the general pudding, if you happen to know how well rhubarb, or marmalade goes with cinnamon and raisin-laced custard mix. The following recipes given below are for you to know your bread and pudding the right way and to choose which goes with your current diet choices or mood

Pain au Chocolat Bread and Butter Pudding:
Nothing beats a warm chocolate dipped pudding on a chilly night. The Pain Au Chocolat Bread and Butter pudding is a staple winter dessert with rich chocolate flavour and buttered texture. Pain au Chocolat also happens to be an ideal replacement instead of regular bread to attain a soft buttery texture from within and a crisp outer crust, if that is your type.

Gluten free Bread and Butter Pudding:
This recipe uses store bought loaves that are gluten free. Crusts can be removed to attain a better texture. It can be made with custard dipped, gluten-free bread and topped with raisins or any sort of dried fruit. This can also be enriched with an added flavour of ice cream on top.

Brioche Bread and Butter Pudding:
A viennoiserie twist on normal bread, the pudding for this one is a luxe upscale from the regular bread and butter pudding. Laden with butter, the bread gives a rich flavour of its ingredients. Cinnamon is a great addition to this if added with the other spices. White chocolate can also be a compatible addition to this recipe based on personal preference.

Panettone Bread and Butter Pudding:
Sweet doughed panettone is like a store-ready mix that can be used instead of the regular ones for the preparation of this easy bread and butter recipe. Panettone is easily available around Christmas making it a very holiday-friendly dessert you can prepare. Leftover or fresh panettones can be substituted as a core bread ingredient for the distinct Italian sweetness of panettones.

Dairy free Bread and Butter Pudding:
A form of vegan bread and butter pudding, soya milk is a compatible replacement of the dairy based ingredient. Toppings can be customised according to preferences since the difference in milk used hardly makes a difference in the preparation!

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