Brownies are that one girl from class we all know to be really cheerful and pleasant, she is who you would call up on a day of celebration or reach out to on a bad day, she is the girl next door you feel comfortable around. Blondies on the other hand would be someone who you be sceptical about at first for whatever reasons, then that one time you hit it off with her, you realise she is really, really cool to hang out with. Blondies have an identity quite unlike anyone else’s yet is second cousins with brownies and you had no idea!

Now steering away from the analogy, blondies are quite like brownies but without the Cocoa content. While brownies are baked with five basic ingredients- butter, flour, sugar, eggs and  chocolate, Blondies replace the chocolate with caramel and butterscotch. So for anyone who shelters rich appetite for butterscotch and caramel flavours must stack their fridge with blondies, loads of it! A rage in the 1940s and 1950s, brownies were an attempt to bring added flavour and colour to blondies but the latter is now known for its very unique non-chocolatey baked delicacy.

Instead of the rich, chocolate taste of brownies, blondies cut down on it by adding brown sugar, an ingredient that ensures the fudginess of brownies but not necessarily with chocolate in it. Brown butter also becomes an important ingredient in blondies to retain the unique flavour. Brown butter is cooked by gently heating normal salted butter in a pan until a deep brown colour precipitates on its surface and gains a slightly nutty flavour and smell. This nutty flavour is what occupies the non chocolate space in blondies and makes it a favourite. The butter flavour can be further enhanced by adding vanilla, nuts, coffee, coconut etc. Biscoff blondie for that matter is one of the most loved variations of blondies in general. Biscoff as a base brings the flour-y taste of flavoured biscuits along with coffee and blondie batter. The blondie batter can also be made into blondie cookies with several toppings of your choice including almonds, peanuts, raisins etc.

Chocolate brownies, as a go-to, is known for its most favourite form – fudgy brownies. The fudginess is retained with added sugar, eggs and less flour. The crackle surface on the top is the mark of a properly baked brownie. The healthier alternatives of brownies, keto brownies, on the other hand cut down on sugar to zero and they taste just as delicious. Absolutely zero sugar goes into keto brownies and the sweetness of it can be replaced with berries like raspberries or blueberries. The natural sweetener ensures a healthy intake of sweet in the brownie and adds a very home made touch to it. While keto brownies are the most quoted and most loved brownies for the gym goers on their cheat days, vegan brownies are a tasteful substitute for all our vegan folks.

If you thought, chocolate is the only differing ingredient between blondies and brownies, wait till you get your hands on white chocolate brownies and white chocolate blondies. This particular variation integrates one of the most loved baking items, white chocolate, quite tastefully. It serves to a common demographic of consumers, chocolate lovers and the other.

White chocolate adds on to the already caramelised flavour of blondies while being a super agreeable replacement of dark chocolate for brownies. Chocolate or not Brownies and Blondies as a recipe ensure you have a plethora of choices in eating healthy, or eating less sugar or more of it, or having it cakey or fudgy or nutty or with berries.

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