When and How did you start baking?

I always had a passion for baking and in particular for beautifully decorated confectionery. However, the moment I thought baking could be more than a personal love was during the first lockdown. Starting a home bakery could feel quite daunting, and that particular time, forcibly away from other distractions, was what I needed to put things in motion, to start refining recipes and honing my decorating skills.

Are you a self-taught baker or have you received training from any Institute?

I am self-taught, but I have taken some online classes. Next thing on my wish list is a chocolatier course, hopefully done in a class.

Do you have any inspiring person (Name), who helps/inspires you now or did in this journey ?

I can’t think of a specific person that has inspired me, however I should think many women entrepreneurs inspire me every day.

What made you start a baking business from home? Is this your family business and how long have you been running this business for?

I think many bakers start somehow in their kitchen. After all, it is the place where usually all recipes are born, where the family comes together to try them, and I think that joy, that excitement, somehow makes its way to the customers through your creations, more so than in a commercial bakery. 

I make all bakes and treats myself, so there is a lot of love in every detail, and at busy times my family helps with packing and cleaning. I think this also gives us plenty of opportunities to grow as a family.

Have you ever developed or improved a recipe? How did your customers/family/friends respond and if so would you like to state your recipe to feature?

My recipes are secret… only kidding! I have not developed new recipes as such, there is very little in baking that hasn’t been done already, so when I started I took some popular recipes and tweaked them to fit the ingredients and flavours I wanted to use. There is a wealth of very good recipes online and you just have to find the one you like. Nothing leaves my kitchen if I don’t love the taste of it! 

My first port of call for all my recipes is BBC Good Food. There is plenty of tried and tested recipes there to get anybody started… and to experiment with!

Are you planning to offer baking classes for customers in future?

Maybe not baking, but definitely decorating, in particular with Royal Icing. Decorated sugar cookies are extremely popular in the USA and their demand is increasing in the UK, and with that, plenty of beginner bakers want to learn how to use this fiddly substance to create those amazing masterpieces you see all over Instagram.

Are you into social media and how helpful has it been to your business?

Social media are probably every home baker best friend and worst enemy. It can get you lots of business if you work on it, but it requires time that could otherwise be spent on baking!

What are the challenges you are facing or have faced due to the pandemic and how are you overcoming them?

The worst challenge for me in this Pandemic has probably been working around postal delays. Customers have been lovely, though.

Do you have any tips or suggestions for upcoming Home Bakers or Bakeries?

Don’t be put off by all the paperwork. I know it looks daunting, but if you start you’ll eventually get there.

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